Read these quotes from Microsoft Customers to learn more about the positive impact software asset management makes on their businesses, and how it can help your business too.

“It’s all about peace of mind. I know that nothing’s slipping through the cracks.”

Steve Lintemuth
System Administrator
Granger Container Service
Lansing, MI

“Our company has the highest amount of integrity – that’s reflected in our software licensing program…With our software management plan, I know I have the same versions of software, and that everything is compatible. Now, everything is just much easier to manage. It freed up hours of time a week for me, which lets me get back to other things-back to the proactive side.”

Wayne Vinkavich
IT Manager
Luse-Stevenson Company
Chicago, IL

“Having a software management program makes my life simpler.”

David Nandell
IT Manager
Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck Architecture
Des Moines, IA

[Conducting a software and license inventory and implementing a maintenance plan] “…gives us full proactive control over our software resources as opposed to where we were with a lot of PCs and a lot of licensing. Before we were playing defense to keep up, now we are playing offense. We are in the driver’s seat with our network and application resource usage.”

David Pape
Sr. Project Manager
Porter Memorial Health System
Valparaiso, IN

“Knowing what software and licenses I have helps me do a better job of planning and managing resources.”

Tom Prinz
VP Information Technology
Community Bank Shares
New Albany, IN