Software Asset Management

What is Software Asset Management? SAM - It's more than just a one time inventory of your software assets. It is the philosophy, processes, policies and procedures required to manage the entire life-cycle of your software and hardware assets. Whether you are a small or large business, software asset management can help your organization in many ways. A good SAM plan is essential in today's business world.

Implementing SAM is easy, and we are here to help. Benefits can include:


With SAM, company software needs, such as upgrades, can be automatically identified, saving time and reducing hassles for the IT department and employees using the software.


Backup and recovery systems are easier to maintain when it's clear what software goes where. In addition, standardizing desktops where possible can dramatically reduce support costs.


By standardizing software versions, file-sharing issues are reduced and communication is made easier. Users can work together seamlessly which leads to increased productivity.


We can help you achieve and maintain license compliance by organizing your software licenses and other documentation. By organizing the licensing and other documentation for each software title and version, we can identify what type of documentation you need as evidence of licensing for each type of software your company owns.

A good SAM program can help your organization achieve good governance and meet government requirements. We help you understand your deployments and how they should be licensed. Here's what the SAM on Demand team will do for you:

Provide tools that relay current software and hardware deployments:

  • Send a SAM tool to discover your deployment
  • Guide through deployment and review progress
  • Support for tool efficacies
  • Review of your licensable deployments

Review of your licensable deployments:

  • Cleanse tool discovery data
  • Remove duplicates
  • Remove free versions
  • Define and review deployments that should be licensed software

Maximize your investment in technology through proper software licensing and management.

Whether you are a small or large business, software asset management can help your organization in many ways. Not only will proper software management help provide financial protection, but will also help address common issues such as data security and staff productivity.

The Business Value of Software Asset Management.

SAM eliminates waste, overlap, and duplicate purchases throughout your organization. By optimizing your software assets and streamlining your internal processes, SAM can help you save time and money, improve workflow, and increase your competitiveness as your company grows in size and maturity.


Control costs and business risks for a stronger, healthier financial position.


Optimize existing investments, so that you can do more with what you already have.


Grow with your company's expanding needs in size and maturity through increased flexibility and agility.

Some of the benefits of SAM are easy to see, such as better control over software price points and better record keeping. Other long-term benefits may not be immediately apparent, but they will manifest themselves over time.

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